Cat Sees Dad Bringing New Dog Home. His Comeback Has The Internet Rolling With Laughter


There are so many things we know about pets, but sometimes we get hit with the most eye-popping surprises. One thing about cats is that they love being in that coveted position seeing themselves as the overlords. So, what happens when someone threatens to end this “royal” monopoly? You can guess!

Well, it’s just like what happened when this family decided to pull a fast one on their cat. One day, they showed up at home with a new dog. By all accounts, everyone expected the family cat to be so overjoyed for having a new friend and playmate around the house. Shock on them!

You just can’t skip this. It’s just so mind-boggling interesting to see a cat reacting like this. If they thought this little feline was going to smile at anyone trying to overthrow his lording regime, they were so wrong!