59-Yr-Old Chimp Is Too Sick to Eat or Drink. Now Watch When She Recognizes an Old Friend


If you have never thought animals have a good memory and feelings just like us humans, then the touching clip below will make you do. It is one of those moments that will surely leave you in tears.

In the clip we meet a 59-year-old chimpanzee called Mama, who was the oldest in a Netherlands based zoo called Royal Burgers Zoo. At the time when this clip was recorded, Mama was seriously sick and nearing her life’s end.

Jan Van Hooff, a Dutch Biologist who is the co-founder of the zoo and also doubles up as a professor at Utrecht University, met Mama back in 1972.

Since Mama was slowly losing her connection with the world, she had refused to drink and eat. Not even the zoo staff could convince her otherwise. That was the case until she saw Jan.

At first she did not recognize Jan and tried to ignore him like she had done with everyone else. The moment she realized it was her old friend, her mood immediately changed. She was so emotional and full of joy to see a friend she had known for more than 40 years. She even started eating the treats that Jan gave her.

Unfortunately, it did not take long before Mama died. Despite that, she died a happy chip who thought a lot of positive attributes. We hope her story will inspire you to shower your pets with extra love.

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