Five Men In A Country Band Stun With A Cappella Version Of A Famous Eagles Song


There’s nothing I love more than hearing one of my favorite tunes brought back with a brand new twist!

After all, who doesn’t adore getting a brand new song that you already know that you’re going to love? That’s exactly what happened with this amazing cover that Miley Cyrus did off Dolly Parton’s “Jolene,” which totally blew my mind.

Of course, sometimes, the best thing about a cover is hearing your favorite song reinterpreted for a completely different genre. For example, I’ve always loved the 70’s classic rock band the Eagles, up to and including this amazing a cappella version of “Hotel California.”

But haven’t you always thought that the Eagles might be just a little bit country, on top of being a little bit rock ‘n’ roll? That’s certainly what the band Home Free thought when they decided to cover “Seven Bridges Road,” a song that the Eagles first made famous in 1980.

Home Free, which won season four of the talent competition The Sing-Off, is an a cappella group with a country inflection, and I absolutely love the way the spin they put on the song. While the Eagles also usually performed it a cappella, their voices definitely add something special. Plus, this music video is pretty darn clever, don’t you think?

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