Soldier Surprises His Daughter During A Performance For The Queen


You can imagine how nerve-wracking it must be for a child to perform before an audience filled with strange adults.

Now imagine performing before the Queen and prime minister of England as part of the Festival of Remembrance, an annual event that pays tribute to the nation’s armed forces and remembers victims of war. That’s a huge honor for any artist, so when the British group the Poppy Girls were asked to perform, the young ladies were very excited.

The Poppy Girls all have one or more parents in the armed forces, so it seemed like a good fit to attend the ceremony and perform their single “The Call (No Need To Say Goodbye),” a song they wrote to help raise money for military families. Just like when this tiny toddler performed on stage before 20,000 people, the girls truly had a once in a lifetime experience as their loved ones looked on.

However, the youngest member of the group, 10-year-old Megan Adams, was heartbroken that her hero couldn’t be there on her big day. Her father, Royal Navy Lieutenant Commander Billy Adams was supposed to be serving overseas in the Seychelles when the host of the night announced he had a very special surprise for her.

Check out their beautiful performance and don’t miss the special moment towards the end! I’m sure this father is so proud of his little girl…and vice versa!