5-year-old boy starts playing piano for 101-year-old grandma. By the end, both of them are left in tears


If you’re anything like me, then you’ll agree to the fact that music is truly a great gift. In fact, it’s even more magical when it’s shared and enjoyed to the fullest. This fact is not lost on this little 5-year-old, Ryan Wang.

Ryan lives in Canada and loves to play the piano. On this nice occasion, he availed himself to do a private performance for one special lady, the 101-year-old Dorothy Landry. Dorothy loves this little young man for his great prowess with the piano. Ryan is so good with his passion that he’s gone on to perform on The Ellen Show and also at the Carnegie Hall. He’s just good!

With his small piano, Ryan stole the heart of this old lady within minutes. In fact, as Dorothy admits, they’ve met before, and they both have a soft spot for each other. Ryan loves playing for her, and she loves it every time!

Watch the incredible moment as Ryan does his magic with the piano. Dorothy wishes him a nice trip to China and hopes that he’ll be back to give her some more. That’s awesome!
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