Little Girl Walks Up to Street Musician and Plays Flute For Him – Moments Later, The Entire Crowd is In Awe


You might have heard or read about flash mob performances but this one will blow your mind! Most of the flash mobs involve dancing but once in a while you will find a unique performance.

It all happened outside a church in Nuremberg, Germany. There is a lot of activity outside the church. The children played as adults soaked in the sun in the church’s courtyard.

A cellist stands somewhere all by himself when a little girl with a wooden flute approaches her. She raises the flute to her mouth and plays the opening tunes of Ode to Joy Beethoven.

At first, it appears like a two-person act. Moments later, people from the crowd join them. The curious onlookers’ become part of the music orchestra. Several people join in with the instruments and their performance will send chills down your spine.

The crowd joins in singing the chorus and the instruments playing in the background makes the performance exhilarating.

Credit goes to the German Bank, members of the Germany Hans Sachs Choir, and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Nuremberg.