2 strangers’ dogs rush each other in store, then their owners look at their ears and realize the truth


Some people think dogs have poor memories and forget their owners and families if they don’t meet them for a long time.

But these people couldn’t be more wrong.

These two wonderful dogs are a clear proof of that. Read their incredible story below.

Pam Corwin was out shopping when something caught her attention.

Two identical dogs rushed toward each other and happily greeted each other. It looked like they had known each other for a lifetime.

But when Pam went closer and talked to the owners of the dogs, she found out that they had never met before. The dogs were strangers to each other.

But why did they act like they had each met their best friend?

Adopted from Russia
Neither Pam nor the owners of the dogs knew the real reason at first. But then they started talking to each other about the dogs’ backgrounds and discovered an incredible coincidence.

They had both adopted their dogs from Russia a year ago. They even had flown to the United States on the same plane.