Enormous Brown Bear Plays Against Type And Politely Asks For A Snack


All right, let’s start this one with a caveat. Absolutely, under no circumstances, should you ever try this at home.

This footage, captured somewhere in Russia, shows an enormous brown bear on what we can only assume is a pre-hibernation quest for food, no matter what the source. Like this fellow inquisitive ursine that broke into a pie shop, the bear decides to try his luck with tracking down some of that delicious people food.

He walks right up to the open window of a building, which looks like it’s under construction. Clearly on a quest to demonstrate his very best manners, the bear decides to politely ask a nice man in a hard hat for some chow, by holding out one extremely large paw!

Well, who could turn down an invitation like that?! Well, while I personally do not recommend ever feeding a wild animal, particularly not one this large, the man in the video appears to feel differently!

Much like this boy who made it his job to help out a wild deer, this man embraces his duty immediately, though he’s still a bit in disbelief. But when he sees the bear’s reaction? Well, let’s just say this is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Check out the video below to see this unlikely friendship take root.

And please, remember, do not feed or approach wild bears!