Dying Elderly Cat Spent His Entire Life in The Streets, But Then 2 Kittens Gave Him a Reason To Live


Mason is a senior cat that lived on the street in bad condition before the rescuers found him. The rescuers had to get him off the streets.

Mason had an advanced kidney condition. Instead of euthanizing him, the rescuers put him in a comfortable home getting all the love and attention he needed.

Mason, also known as “Grandpa Mason” enjoys his life at his new. His health has greatly improved and has begun to trust humans again. Grandpa Mason has made new friends and has grown fond of two kittens that were introduced to him.

The staff at the rescue center was not sure how Mason would react when the two kittens were introduced to him. Mason is a sweet cat and the love he expressed towards them shocked everyone. The kittens and Mason play, kiss, lick each other, and cuddle for a nap together.

They have an extremely strong bond and the kittens look up to Mason as a father figure. Mason finds comfort in them despite his rough past. It is a great way of healing from his past.