Fred Astaire Shows How Perfect His Timing Is When He Dances With Himself


When Fred Astaire first filmed his famous number, “I Wanna be a Dancin Man” from the film The Belle of New York, everyone in the studio was quite pleased with what they saw. Astaire, in his usual grace and talent, managed to perform the song and dance with such a smooth confidence that no one even thought to question what he was wearing that day.

However, when studio executives got their hands on the footage, they were appalled at what they were watching. Those millionaire executives at MGM studios saw their number one Hollywood star, the moneymaking and suave Fred Astaire, dancing around in nothing more than ugly casual attire?!

The executives demanded that the scene be re-filmed with Astaire in a more debonair-looking suit. Along with a change from a red backdrop to a easier looking blue background, they made sure that they got the costume that they wanted.

When Astaire was told that they needed to reshoot the whole scene in a new costume; he got in front of the camera and did it all over again. Luckily, both versions are now available to view, and when you see the two play out side-by-side, you’ll be amazed at his utter talent. Each step he makes, each little movement is absolutely perfect. His timing is perfect, and each move is exactly the same.

It’s no surprise why this man is an entertainment legend!