Tiny Fluffy Kitten Didn’t Want to Sleep alone, so He Does the Most Adorable Thing to His Owner


Few things are as cute as a little feline member trying to have some fun. It’s even cuter if the little thing decides to drift off into the dreamland in the close watch of other family members. That’s the kind of thing that’s making this video so popular. You just can’t miss this!

This little buddy is sitting next to his dad when he realizes that he just can’t keep waiting to earn some attention. Apparently, dad is working on his laptop and doesn’t really have time to start playing with the kitty right now, so the animal is left with one nice choice. You guessed it right!

You see, little kitties love taking naps. They can start dozing off almost anywhere. In this case, the little creature is drifting off into his dreams right next to his dad. How cute!

Watching the clip, you get the feeling that the small being is just so comfortable and feeling secure when his dad is around, so he feels much safer just closing his eyes and dozing off with not a care in the world. I like that!