Mom and son find puppy dumped in a park – look closer and instantly realize why its owner abandoned it


A cruel person adopted Petey and his sibling when they were only one month old. Luckily, a mom and her son passed by the park where the two puppies were left cold and scared, they were shocked to find the poor puppies in such horrible condition.

The mother quickly took them to the Sacramento SPCA, which helps homeless, abandoned animals.

Sadly, Petey’s sibling couldn’t fight anymore and passed away shortly after the rescue. But Petey was able to survive.

Vets took immediately the necessary procedures to keep the puppy alive, they give liquid nutrition. While checking him up, they found out that he had several lesions on his body and worms in his stomach.

But something strange caught their attention, Petey was walking in a strange way.

“He was unable to stand or walk without falling over,” Sarah Varanini from the SPCA told The Dodo. “At first, we weren’t sure if this was a result of malnutrition, illness or a congenital defect.”


With treatment and love, Petey was able to recover his health day after day, Expect for his walking, he was having bad time trying to walk and that’s when vets discover that Petey has a neurological disease called cerebellar hypoplasia which makes it hard for the puppy to walk normally.

Unfortunately, the disease still has no cure, but Petey is learning to adapt to his situation and live a good life thanks to kind people who give him help whenever he needs it.

Petey shows his rescuers that nothing of this can put him down, he is  one happy puppy who enjoys life to the fullest and loves to play and cuddle with people. He is sure to have a great, happy dog life ahead of him!


However, finding home for Petey is a very difficuly thing to accomplish. It is already hard for normal dogs and with Petey’s condition the task is more challenging.

But on March 31, The Sacramento SPCA got some good news, they finally found the perfect family for Petey.

This dog was saved thanks to animal lovers who refused to give up on him. They gave Petey a chance despite his condition, and now he lives with a family that loves him just the way he is.

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Good luck to sweet little Petey!