Injured stork can’t migrate anymore – Her faithful soulmate flies thousands of miles every year to be with her


If you know anything about love, then you also know that this special feeling knows no bounds. When two souls are truly connected, nothing can break them, not even a long distance or a long, cold season. You just have to get the story of these birds to understand this. It’s extremely heartwarming!

Malena and Klepetan are two storks with lots of love to share. The two from Croatia have been deep in love for many years. A man named Stjepan Vikic is witness. The two love birds showed up near his place 15 years ago. They built a nest and lived happily together. However, Malena’s wings were injured by a hunter and she couldn’t fly anymore, and that meant that she couldn’t migrate together with her “man” when the season comes due.

However, Klepetan has always returned to her every season for the past 15 years. Stjepan makes sure to greet them with some fish. Their love is unbreakable. They’ve raised over 40 “kids” together!

Their love story has been featured on Total Croatia News. There’s also an animation of them! Watch here for more.