Dogs Find Cats Sleeping In Their Beds.. Their Reactions


There’s one thing that every cat owner will agree on: Cats see themselves as the little overlords. A cute feline will walk around the house feeling invincible and demanding for all the attention, and damn you if you try to “step out of the line!”

However, you also realize that there are other pets in the house who value some respect, especially when it comes to their personal space. Dogs, especially the smart ones, are of such nature. If you’ve a dog and a cat in the house, you make sure to assign each a separate sleeping place – maybe a bed or something. But, of course, sometimes the pets may choose their own places of their taste, and that’s why stuff like what’s in this video happens. You’re curious!

Now, what if I told you that some cats are just so “bad-mannered” that they can even decide to sleep in the dogs’ place without the canine’s permission? And what happens when the dog catches the little thing red-handed?

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