Parents learn their daughter is a bully, come up with a punishment she won’t forget


A 10 year old girl received what she was looking for in a very clever way that made her learn the badness of bullying other kids at school. When the stepmother of Kaylee Lindstrom, heard that her stepdaughter was mocking another girl at school because of her dressing, she decided to let her know how that offended girl felt.

She could have beaten her little girl, but saw it wise to take Kaylee to a thrift store and made her select clothes that looked ugly, then forced her to wear them to school.

Revealing to ABC News, Ally Olsen, the step mother, told them how Kaylee had abused the other little girl at school to be ugly and with no taste of dressing.

Kaylee had to put the thrift store clothes that looked ugly for two days and go with them to school. For the two days, she was bullied by her classmates, and she never liked it because she used to proclaim herself to be a dressing model.

This punishment made her apologize to the girl she offended and now they are best friends ever.

Even though the punishment was effective for the girl to learn that it was bad to bully others, some people like Dr. Edward Hallowell of the Hallowell Center, have criticized it saying that such punishments make children think that they are imperfect because of the humiliation they undergo.

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