He Grabs His Cat’s Bowl And Pretends To Eat The Food.. Now Wait Til You See The Cat’s Reaction


One thing about cats is that those little overlords like to own their space – literally. A feline won’t cast you in any good light if you try to mess around with “their property.” You feel like trespassing, go do it in your own space!

So, what do you think will happen if this guy tries to infringe on a cat’s private space and even goes ahead so shamelessly trying to eat the feline’s food. And the worst part? The serious little cat is watching!

This is just too hilarious. So the guy acts like another feline eating this other cat’s food, and the reaction he gets is one of a kind. It’s perfect for a not-so-generous little creature. He just can’t go around touching “other people’s” food. He’s no overlord for cats’ sake!

Watch the clip here and see how the cat gets to snatch the bowl from the intruding human, and you’re sure to laugh your heart out.