Dog Begged Him For Food But She Run Away With It


There are many pets adopted by families while others are lucky enough to be rescued and live in animal shelters, but there are still thousands more roaming the streets. These creatures rummage through trash for a living. But this one here had other cool ideas.

So this dog figured that the only way to live a better life was to be good to people and beg for some food. Most of the times, people would offer her some food if they had it, but there’s still something very strange they didn’t understand about this dog yet.

You see, this dog was friendly and very humble in begging for the food, but the moment you gave her some food, she would grab it and take off very fast. Everyone wondered what this dog was up to, until one guy decided to find out. So one day this dog walks up to him to beg for some food. The man gives her a drumstick and the dog does her usual thing. This time, the man follows.

Turns out, the mama dog had some 4 cute little “kids” that she was looking after all the time. She was actually begging for food for her family. Such a great mom!