Scared and alone, puppy was abandoned on a busy road, Now he can’t stop shaking his rescuer’s hand


In the video below, we meet a puppy named Fram. He was living a hard life and his body was filled with ticks and fleas. One day when the folks of Howls of a Dog, a rescue organization, were on a mission, they saw him walking by the roadside. From the looks of things, Fram was confused and was very near the busy road filled with vehicles. At once, they decided to do something before he would be hit by a vehicle.

They approached him, he did not resist or become frightened of anything, a thing that made them get surprised.

They took him to the veterinary, where he was diagnosed to be having demodectic mange. The vet prescribed him some medication and told them to give him regular baths. It did not pass long before he was healed completely.

When you look at the clip below, you will realize that Fram is a playful dog and very sociable to humans as well as fellow dogs. Currently, he is living in a rescue shelter where he is awaiting to be adopted to a forever home.