Stray Dog Keeps Escaping Her Rescuers – Then They Follow Her 2 Miles Away to Make Incredible Discovery


The story of Betty Boop – a stray dog – is rather a sad but a remarkable one. Just like most of the stray dogs, she was forced to wander around the neighborhood searching for food so that she could feed her young pups.

One day, Krystle Woodward, who had watched Betty for quite some time decided to get hold of her and take her out of the streets. She wanted to take her to the vet. Their first attempt to trap the dog was futile since she somehow managed to escape. It was until the second day that she managed to trap her, but with the help of her husband.

Since they took her out of the streets without her pups, Betty cried the entire night. To solve that, the following morning they set out to look for her pups.

They were surprised when Betty led them to one abandoned farm house which was around two miles into the woods. They were shocked when they saw her 10 puppies.

It is one of those videos that lets you know what a little love and trust can do to solve a desperate situation.