Dog Lost for 2 Years in Disbelief When She Sees Her Owner — Then She Smells a Familiar Scent


Pakita is a lovely dog. She was dropped off at a rescue shelter by a Good Samaritan after she got lost. She appeared depressed and sad.

The people who came to visit the dogs in the shelter always passed over since she was old. Most people prefer younger dogs.

Fortunately, one of the volunteers, Sivia Ferreyra, took Pakita under her wings and cared for the dog. All along, nobody knew Pakita had a home and was missing her owners already.

Nobody was able to take a good picture of the dog since she was always cowering and putting her head down. The workers were able to take a good shot of the dog and shared online for potential adopters.

One woman saw the dog and realized it was her son’s dog. They had been looking for Pakita for a long time. Ariel Naveira, her son, lost her two years ago. They had given up hope of seeing her again.

When Pakita’s photos surfaced online, Ariel set up a meeting for the next day. The dog was brought out but she appeared doubtful and withdrawn. Moments later, things changed when Pakita captured a familiar scent.

The dog burst out in excitement after spotting her owner. It was a moment of total disbelief from everyone.