She Pours Warm Water over His Skin. When They’re Done, I Was Close to Tears


When they were visiting Mexico, the IFAW team found a stray dog that was covered by used motor oil. The dog looked ill.

The poor dog was scavenging for food as it was starving. The Humane Society of Cozumel Island (HSCI) and IFAW’s partners in this region assisted the dog in finding a new home where it will receive care.

They named it Coconut. It had grown up knowing people to be uncaring and its greatest enemy. After few days, a woman adopted him. She fell for him and wanted to take him home. However, the woman prepared Coconut mentally for a test that he had to undertake. When the vet’s results were out, he had heartworm and it had to undergo the treatment.

When they got home, Coconut had a long bath. You need to watch to believe the transformation he went through. Coconut’s fur is now clean and shinning. The outside matched his smart soul.

The aim of this clip is to train people on the power of rescuing animals.

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