Puggle Puppy Tastes Peanut Butter for The First Time, Completely Loses Her Mind


First off, let’s take a moment to pray that peanut butter never runs out on Earth. You see, that stuff is really sweet. It’s the kind of thing that makes people get addicted. Talk of cravings!

Peanut butter is popular and loved for several reasons, some of which include its great nutritional value plus that crunchy sweetness that every human falls for. But if you think that peanut butter only appeals to humans, you must be missing something!

Look at the cute little pup in this video. This lovely pup loves her human for more reasons than she can count, but after what they did to her on this particular day, you can bet that love meter will be shooting through the roof. Who doesn’t love peanut butter!

This cute canine is getting a taste of this creamy stuff for the first time in her life, and it appears that she might be liking it more than we humans do. Just watch that reaction. She wants another go!

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