Man Jumps into Lake with Rope Swing – His Dogs Freak Out and Instantly Plunge in to “Save” Him


Animals are not only smart, but they can feel and sense things just like humans do, especially in a situation when someone is in danger.

This has been proven in many pet videos when dogs save their families’ lives while they are unaware of the risk they are encountering.
Here’s another video that we couldn’t resist to share it with you. The loyalty and care displayed by these dogs in the video below is not something you would see every day. This shows that animals are capable of sensing danger in real life. Well, in this case, it’s what the dog perceives to be a danger.

One man from Randolph County, NC, who posted his video as Jdunaway37, thought he would escape the Southern summer heat by taking a dip in the lake, but he had no idea this would cause his dogs to almost have a heart attack.

As soon as he jumps in and dives into the water, his dogs totally go crazy. They start barking and wailing, screaming, and running around like something terrifying just happened.

Buster the dog runs around to the side of the dock and leaps into the water. Still barking and wailing the entire time as he swims over to his human.
By the time he gets to his human, the other dog is paddling around in the water too. But he’s not barking and freaking out like poor Buster is.

“They both swam out to rescue me and Buster cried the whole time!” the man wrote.

“Buster may be a little overly protective.”

To say the least!
You would have thought that the dog was his mother or that it was his puppy that was swimming around in the lake.

As soon as Buster reaches his human in the water, he realizes that his human isn’t in distress and is quite happy.
That’s when Buster finally chills out.

It’s nice to know that our dogs will protect us just like we aim to protect them.

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