He uses his body to cover his sister and protect her from humans. But watch what the rescuers do next…


Not long ago, a call was made to Hope For Paws appealing for the rescue of two dogs, a male and a female who were residing under one Los Angeles freeway.

Eldad and Vanessa, that are renowned heroes needed to pass through some tunnels before they could reach them. From the look of things, they were being fed by someone. Although they looked dirty and afraid, they somehow depended on each other. Since the male pup had no idea of what the rescuers wanted, he came forward to protect his sister.

By staying calm and being patience, the two heroes finally gained the trust of the dogs, and in no time they had their necks leashed. Since these pups depended on each other, they walked all the 10 traffic lanes that used to be the roof for their dwelling place until they got from the underground. They faced hardships in rescuing them as the male dog could walk some steps then halt to wait for his sister to catch up with him. Finally they took them to an animal shelter where they were bathed and enrolled on a recovery plan.

Currently, the two are known as Cola and Pepsi and their rough past is behind them. Kindly SHARE this story to all the dog lovers around the world!