After Losing His 2 Dogs. Dad’s Reaction to New Gift Has Everyone Crying Tears of Joy


To most good people, a pet is like a family member. For this reason, losing a pet can weigh down on even the strongest people. This dad isn’t weak. He just loved his pets so much!

He had two pups, named Lucy and Nemo, but he lost them both without a warning. This broke his heart into pieces.

He was dull and sad. Watching him grieve over his dogs’ deaths tore at his daughters’ hearts, so they came together and planned something for him.

One day, a daughter walks up to him and hands him a card. He’s to open and read it aloud. Well, that doesn’t quit happen as the man breaks down in tears after opening the card and reading the first sentence. It reads: “My name is Lemo…” Dad can’t hold himself together!

Watch as the man takes his face into his palms and sobs. One of his daughters takes the card to read for him. You want to watch this!

This is just awesome! Dad will no longer be lonely!