Idiot driver keep littering on the road, now look to the right as he gets what he deserves


When it comes to recycling, I have to say that I’m not that perfect at it, especially when I feel so lazy, but the feeling of guilt always takes over me afterwards. However, the thing that I hate and never do is littering. Before carelessly tossing another item out the window or looking the other way when someone else does, consider the impact you can make on the environment by recycling, reusing and disposing of waste properly.

That’s what the driver in the clip below exactly does. He had no respect for the environment or the people around him.

A trucker’s dashboard cam recorded this hilarious scene that happened in a traffic jam. The driver in front of him started to throw loads of trash out of his car window. Many items are seen flying out, landing on the roadside.

The trucker with the dashcam couldn’t accept this irresponsible behavior so he decided to take matters into his own hands. He gets out on the right hand side of his truck, and does the right thing!

He picks up the idiot’s trash and throws it right back into the car where it came from. Then he gives him a real tongue-lashing about proper respect for the people around him.

This must have been a real wake up call for the arrogant driver, who will probably think twice before littering next time.

I applaud the trucker who didn’t let him get away with it! Watch the video below:

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