Daschshund Puppy Meets Cow For The First Time. Their Interaction is Leaving Everyone in Hysterics


cow for the first time will leave you in stitches.

Lana is a typical Daschund puppy. The little pup is energetic and easily makes friends with everyone she meets. She loves playing and her curiosity knows no limits when she meets with animals bigger than her.

Lana’s interest was aroused when she met with a lone cow that was grazing in the field. Lara, in her typical nature, had never seen a large animal before. You would expect the little pup to run away like other dogs.

However, the dog was more than eager to meet someone new. Lara goes ahead and says a friendly hello. The little pup hops frantically around the cow who appears confused. Moments later, they become friends and the cow wags its tail in delight. The two follow each other around for some time.