90-Year-Old Rewrites “ I Fall To Pieces” Lyrics. Her Hilarious Performance leaves Everyone Reeling In Laughter


Aging is tough and 90-year-old Vera knows this best. The process is tough but we have to go through it.
Vera was listening to Patsy Cline’s “ I Fall to Pieces” when she got a fun idea. She rewrote the song and dedicated it to all the senior citizens.

She stood on stage with a guitar in her hands. She intended it to be humorous and gave it a new title “ We Fall To Pieces”.

In the footage below, the hilarious senior woman leaves everyone in stitches. Every line she sings causes everyone to laugh their hearts outs.

I cannot get enough of Vera’s hilarious performance. It is inspiring to find someone who embraces the process of aging. She reminds us we should not life too seriously, regardless of our age.