Musical Savant Derek Paravicini Can Play Any Song In Any Style


Derek Paravicini is one of those incredible human beings that only comes around every 200 years or so. Born almost three months premature, Derek very nearly died in his first moments of life, but through luck and faith he managed to scrape by.

However, being born so early had severe consequences on his brain; suffering from autism, his parents initially feared what his future would be. But they soon began to realize that though he was a bit different, he still wanted love and he still enjoyed living!

As they took the young boy to a special school, he suddenly heard a piano playing in the distance. He ran into the music room where his future teacher was playing, and from that moment on he knew that the piano was the one thing he needed to make his life complete.

Classified as a musical savant, Derek eventually learned how to properly play the piano; but his teacher quickly realized how incredibly gifted his mind was. Able to use 100% of his brainpower while hyper focusing on his music, this musician showed everyone that he was quite probably one of the best piano players in the history of the world.

Able to play any song after hearing it just once, his complex mind acts as a sort of musical library that stores an infinite amount of possible songs. Played in any style, in any key, Derek is a perfect example of what the human brain is really capable of.

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