Parrot Squawks In Adorable Way When Owner Stops Petting Her


Tweety absolutely loves being petted and she closes her little eyes as if she is in pure splendor. In this video, her owner is holding her like a baby and gently petting her. Each time her owner stops, Tweety lets out a loud squawk, letting her owner know she would appreciate more petting please. This adorable video will bring lots of smiles to all who watch it!

What an adorable bird Tweety is! She demands attention and likely gets it whenever she asks for it. This pretty yellow bird has a truly fitting name! You will love the way she revels in the attention she is being given. This bird evidently thinks she is a baby and needs to be held and loved at all times. It is clear she loves the attention her owner gives her and she knows just what to do to make sure she continues. After watching, Please SHARE on Facebook.