Sweet Golden Retriever Has A Blast Playing With His Own Tail


This is one of those short and sweet videos that will have dog lovers all over the word letting out a big sigh over the cuteness! In this video, a sweet golden retriever is cozied up in a warm towel. Perhaps he just had a bath and is warming up. When he sees his tail, it immediately becomes his chew toy. What a cutie this dog is! Brady is his name and he loves wrapping himself up in a towel and having fun playing with his tail as often as he can!

This sweet dog is so beautiful and adorable, you will not be able to help but smile. Brady does not require extra toys to play with because he always has his tail. This playful fella is so fun to watch, don’t feel bad if you have to hit replay a couple of times! Check him out in all his cuteness and Please SHARE on Facebook so others can see the video.