Bird Owner Has Hilarious Conversation, Warning His Bird Not to Listen to the Cat


This video is quite hilarious to watch! Max is an awesome bird that loves to talk about anything and everything. In this video, he and his owner are having a lengthy conversation on why he should not listen to Angel, the cat. As the owner warns Max, Angel likes to get him in trouble so he needs to make sure he does not listen to her stories. When you hear the way the bird responds to his owner, you will not be able to stop laughing!

It is clear this beautiful bird is one feisty fella! He loves to carry on conversations with his owner and his antics are fun to watch. If you have never had the pleasure of watching a Mr. Max video, don’t miss out on this one! Max is truly hilarious in the words he is able to speak and the gestures he makes. If you enjoy this awesome video, Please SHARE on Facebook.