Office Kitty Surprises His Humans When They Find Out He’s Been Snatching Money From Passersby


This office kitty has a very special talent. He is a money snatcher. Other cats like catnip, but he has a strong penchant for cash. He takes money from passersby and turns it into something meaningful.

CASHnip Kitty is a proud office cat at GuRuStu, a marketing firm in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He may look like a typical office kitty, but the clever feline has a quite knack which took his humans by surprise.

The company adopted CASHnip Kitty from the Tulsa Animal Shelter when he was about six months old. “They said they found him out running around in an open field. He was homeless before coming to live with us,” Stuart McDaniel, owner of GuRuStu, told Love Meow.

The charismatic tabby quickly solved the company’s pest problem and has kept all the mice and critters at bay since. He is a permanent part of the team and an excellent supurrvisor.

“He hangs out with everyone at the office and often walks on our keyboards and even sends a few emails before we’re ready for them to be sent.”

About a month ago, Stuart and his team discovered a few random dollar bills lying near the door. The money just kept coming in and they were baffled as in where the cash came from.

“Our buildings are located in one of the entertainment districts in downtown Tulsa and a lot of foot traffic goes by our door,” Stuart told Love Meow.

It was very strange and no one could figure out why the money was there until they decided to test a theory. “We figured people must have been using dollars to play with the kitty through the door and he snatched their money.”

To test the theory, they did an experiment where they inserted a dollar through the door slot. Lo and behold, the kitty snatched it right away as if he’d been doing it all his life.

“We tried it again and over and over, he would jumped up and grabbed the dollar through the door slot,” Stuart told Love Meow.

Watch him in action: