Mom Patiently Teaches Parrot to Sing Country Classic, His Performance Has The Internet Laughing Out Loud


Meet Henry. He is an extremely talented parrot that loves entertaining. Henry is a natural singer who loves the spotlight. Leanne, Henry’s mom, encourages him as much as possible. Imagine the possibility of having a singing parrot in your house.

Having a singing parrot may appear too noisy for a home. However, you will realize it is a comic relief after hearing Henry singing.

The talented parrot performs “Margaritaville”. With the help of his vocal teacher and owner, Henry sings the chorus.

With help from his owner, Henry delivers a spectacular performance. Amazon parrots are known to be characteristically loud. When there are with other birds, they speak competitively with a clear enunciation.

It explains why Henry’s pronunciation is perfect when he sings Jimmy Buffet lyrics. Henry casually strolls around his cage as he sings “Searchin’ for my lost shaker of salt.”

Mom prods him to finish the song. At the end of Henry’s performance, you cannot keep a straight face.

Watch the talented parrot in action and he will make your day.