Huge package is delivered to family’s door . Son bursts into tears of joy when he discovers what’s inside


You realize that when a family has a pet, it’s little kids in the house that get very attached with the fury members. That gives you an idea of just how deeply heartbroken these kids can get when the pets disappear or pass away. That was the case with one 9-year-old Tristen Perez.

Tristen grew up enjoying life with the family pet, a 14-year-old dog. However, the dog passed away, and now Tristen was about to live through his first ever Christmas season without his best friend by his side. Turns out, his mom had other plans!

So the festive season kicked in, and mum went out to get a gift for the kid. She comes over to their house’s door and knocks. Tristen opens it to find a huge box. He’s amazed, and then he flaps open the box and breaks down in tears. Guess what? He just got another best friend to spend his days with!

Watch the touching moment captured on this video.