He Cuts Into An Orange – Then He Pops Off The Top And Does Something Awesome!


Sometimes it feels like peeling an orange takes more effort than it’s worth, but now there’s a mess-free technique that only takes a few seconds! With a sharp kitchen paring knife and a steady (adult) hand, you can peel your orange and do it in a way that allows you to save it in the peel for later.

Starting at the top of the orange, make a slice and continue it all the way around the fruit in a spiral fashion. You’ll want to make one smooth, even cut that reaches all the way down to the bottom. Then use your thumb to pop off the top and unwind the peel by running your finger underneath it! The peel should come off easily and without any left stuck to your fruity treat!

This trick is perfect for the afternoons that you’re responsible for soccer game snacks, to stuff in lunch boxes and even to bring into the office for a healthy snack! But the best part is that your floor won’t be covered in orange peel mess from now on.