Esther Or Bean: Who’s The Real Toilet Paper Mess Culprit?


Two likely suspects sit side-by-side when mom walks in to find a ginormous mess. When she asks her baby, Bean, who created the mess, her automatic response is absolutely priceless. Sitting next to her typical trouble-making friend, it’s easy to pass of the blame and reply, “Esther did it.” But mom can see right through this adorable little girl with toilet paper remains still stuck to her tiny hands, and strung out around the circumference of her body.

Esther the dog is not amused in the slightest, but keeps her comments to herself. Mom sticks up for Esther, not letting Bean get away with her actions. Peaking into the bathroom, she finds the continued mess, realizing the full damage that was done. She keeps well-humored through the inspection, yet does a great job of holding back any laughter which every parent knows would only encourage the situation. Again, mom asks who did it, and this time, Bean only points to the dog, finding it harder to lie when she knows mommy found out.

While this is the perfect time to patch things up and say, “Sorry,” or even pick up a little, Bean takes a different route. With the sweetest little grin, and beautiful big eyes, mom can only sigh, “Oh dear.” Watch their hilarious moment in action in the video below.