Puppy Abandoned on The Roadside In a Bag With His Siblings Gets Rescued and Finds The Perfect Family


The day the rescuers found him and his siblings, Bernie was stuffed in a bag lying on the side of the road. Truly speaking, whoever dropped that bag there must have been one heck of a heartbreaker. I mean, who does that to such little innocent souls?!

But fate had other plans. He and his beautiful siblings were rescued and taken to safety by Howl Of A Dog. That’s where they started their journey to “adulthood” and strong physiques. Bernie was assigned to a foster mom, Theia, who made a point of showering the little pup with all the love in the world. However, Bernie had to get a forever home of his own. And he did!

Bernie now lives in England with his nice owner, and it doesn’t pass a day that he doesn’t enjoy. The now big dog loves taking in the breeze at the shores of the sea and playing around.