Parrot gets Stuffed Bunny for Birthday, Loves It So Much That He Just Can’t Stop Talking about It


A couple of years ago, Marnie, a wonderful and beloved bird turned 5 years. A party was done for him by his mom to make the milestone, since he is the spoilt baby in the family. Apart from the party candles, dishes of gobbledygook, and some animal visitors, this parrot got a brand new toy as a gift, to which his reactions were incredible. Just watch as he goes forward and gives a peck to the bunny, followed by the phrase “I love you!”

Marnie is from a Blue Indian Ringneck Parrot breed. Her owner gives a description of him being a motivator, and a lover who never hesitates to request what he needs (a kiss). The love business with other bunnies commenced when he was a little chick. His birthday matched the day he was adopted, so a buddy gave mom a toy rabbit as a present.

When the toy would be pressed, it could utter some message of love, a phrase that Marnie owners started to teach him. From that time to the present date, he has never stopped to say it. He learned to say these words by imitating the way the owners used to move their mouths, and that was it!

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