Dog Rescued from Euthanization Won’t Stop Growling. Then Owner Walks Outside and Immediately Calls 911


When this German shepherd mix dog, named Kailey, was rescued, she was in a really bad shape. She had gone through so much in life that she couldn’t bring herself to trust anyone so easily. She would snap at any stranger trying to lay a hand on her.

She stayed with a foster family waiting for someone to come along and adopt her. A year later, nothing had happened. No one wanted the dog, and a decision was made that she should be put down. But one shelter worker wasn’t really okay with that, so she shared the dog’s story on the animal shelter’s page on Facebook. Kailey needed a home.

When she decided to adopt Kailey, Suzy Chandler had no idea that this animal would end up saving many lives in her neighborhood until, just a few weeks later, the dog started barking abnormally. She led her out, and the dog went straight to the side of the house. Turns out, there was a gas leak in the house!

She immediately called emergency response and the leak was fixed. That’s how the dog ended up saving lives.

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