Man Sees Bird’s Feet Frozen to Pipe – Comes Up With Brilliant Rescue Idea That Has The Internet Cheering


When Nelson Wilson got up in the morning on New Year, he had no idea how much of a hero he was about to become on the first day of the year. That’s before he went out to feed his horses and ended up playing the role of a savior!

So the guy from Caldwell fed his horses, and then he turned and spotted something on the fence. It was a little bird, a finch, and it seemed trapped. Taking a closer look, he noticed that the bird’s feet were frozen against the metallic fence. He immediately decided to save the little one!

First, he pressed his hands against the bird’s feet to warm them up, but when that seemed not to work fast, he devised another plan. Turns out, some warm breath can make a whole lot of difference in saving a little bird’s life. Within a short while, the finch was free and all well, all thanks to this kind human!

This is so heart-touching and you can’t miss to watch.