He Tells His Cat It’s Time To Go Home, Now Watch What The Cat Is About To Do


Were you to choose between having a dog and a cat as a pet, which one would you stay with? If it was me, I would surely choose having a cat. It’s not that I hate dogs, no it’s that the cats go an extra mile to do some things that can leave you surprised due to their curiosity and many others.

In the clip below, we meet a lovely and funny cat. One afternoon, the owner decided to take it outside for some relaxing. The two of them surely had a nice time outside playing and interacting with Mother Nature. But as everything that has a beginning has got an ending, time came for them to get back into the house. But guess what? The cat was totally against the idea of going home. It seems that it was the time he was at his peak of playing.

In the clip. We can clearly see as the owner to persuade him to call it a day but what the cat does in return will make you laugh. When he is being uplifted, he holds on to some rock while in a lying position which makes it impossible for the owner to lift him up.

Watch the funny clip below and see how this kitten loves playing and chewing things while outside. Please SHARE to all pet lovers on Facebook!