He Stands In Front Of 8 Horses, Now Watch When He Turns Around.. I Can’t Believe THIS


The good thing with horses is that you can train them in just about anything an animal can do, and the group in this clip here is one of such. You’re about to get your whole mind blown away!

Since his childhood years, Lorenzo has had a knack for riding and training horses. In fact, this guy has made a career out of horse training, and that’s exactly the kind of thing that’s earning him so much fame here. On this occasion, Lorenzo attended the Stockholm Horse Show, and you definitely want to know why everyone loved his session!

In the clip, you watch the man stand at the stage with two of his horses, and then he proceeds to call the rest. Soon, you’ve a whole group of those smart animals with him onstage. Next, he starts his antics that leave you breathless. He’s good!

Ever seen someone ride a horse on one footing? Well, Lorenzo can do that! Watch the full clip here and prepare yourself to be carried away, because this is just too good to skip.

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