Woman pulls up to McDonald’s drive-thru – Then worker hears child screaming and acts fast


Pedro Viloriaja, 22-year-old, was working his regular shift at McDonalds in Florida, but that day wasn’t like any other one. Something unnusual was about to happen.

A woman passed by the drive-through window to retrieve her order, Pedro’s mission was to deliver it to her. However, while doing it, Pedro could hear a child screaming in the back seat of the woman’s car.

Following his instinct, Pedro made a decision that might saved lives.

The woman seemed to ignore the child’s screams which aroused Pedro’s alarm, She decided to not stop at the window and pass as Pedro was leaning out. At that moment, Pedro realized that something was going wrong..

Pedro, then decided to act swiftly:

– “I thought: ‘Something is wrong with that woman now, and I have to do something to help her.’”
Pedro instantly jumped out of the drive-through window and ran after the car. The other customers could witness what was happening through the windows, and one of them jumped too when he realized what’s going on…

Along with the kind stranger, Pedro managed to stop the woman’s car. The woman herself, who later transpired to be a police offer, was taken straight to hospital.

Pedro is now being hailed as a hero, his act have saved the lives of the woman and her kids. He said that he felt the urge to act, for the sake of the kids.

“I thought to myself, ‘what if these kids lose their mom today, it will be so tragic’. I would have tried to save that woman, even if I had to risk my own life.”

We don’t know exactly what the woman was suffering from. According to Inside Edition, she received the necessary treatment while in hospital.

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