Sleepy Bird Flies to Owner’s Tummy and Snuggles In. What Follows Will Leave You Cracking Up With Laughter


Whenever pets are mentioned, we think about cats and dogs. After all, they are the most common types of pets that are loyal to humans.

The Internet is awash with dog and cat videos. However, the video below will bring a smile on your face.

Meet Pedro, a lovely Budgie. Pedro loves to cuddle with his dad. Whenever Pedro wants to sleep, he religiously follows a routine. He flies to his owner’s tummy and snuggles in. Also, Pedro has the habit of talking himself to sleep. He says outrageous words and sentences in his self-talk.

The owner is busy working on his computer. Pedro makes himself comfortable and begins his ritual. Dad does not interrupt Pedro as he talks. Occasionally, Dad will ask Pedro to sleep.

Pedro asks where they will go for the weekend. He even asks to be kissed. He also makes several imitations as he talks. Moments later, the sleepy bird falls asleep on his owner’s tummy.

Watch the cute video below and let us know what you think in the comments section.