Elderly Woman Hadn’t Speak or Eat In 3 Days, But When She Had a Dog Put On Her Bed, Everything Changes


Studies have shown that pets reduce depression symptoms. They also help the patients maintain a positive and optimistic outlook.

TheraPaws is a program that understands the therapeutic power of dogs. The program, run by The Mayhew Animal Home in London, brings the pets to the sick and elderly. The volunteers take the dogs and sometimes kitten to the elderly care programs, and dementia care homes.

One woman had not eaten or spoken for three days. However, things changed when someone placed a dog on her bed. The woman began to pet and talk to the dog. Since then, the woman started talking to her family and taking her medication.

Therapy dogs bring out the life in such people. Even non-therapy dogs have similar effects too.

The TheraPaw dogs visit the 43 care homes in London, but the organization plans on expanding.

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