Wild stray dog was living among trash and rotting livestock corpses until the right people finally noticed her


Just like every human deserves a nice place to live, domestic animals, too, deserve homes. It’s always heartbreaking to walk in the streets and run into stray dogs and cats walking or running weakly trying to find something to eat. I hate the fact that someone might have abandoned such nice little beings. But then again, that’s why we’ve great rescue organizations like SPAZ (Society For The Protection Of Stray Animals).

The video here was captured in Greece. It features this cute dog, Shadow. Shadow was a stray dog running the streets and scouring trash in dumpsites to find some food. However, her luck changed for the best one day when a SPAZ volunteer spotted her. Needless to say, Shadow wasn’t that friendly to the rescuers. They had to put her into sedation so they could take her to safety. She was treated at the vet and they spent a month making friends with her. The end result is anyone’s guess!

Watch her now! Shadow is now in foster care, eagerly waiting to get a forever home and a loving family. She even loves the cats!

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