Every Night His Adopted Dog Watches Him Sleeping, That’s When He Digs Into The Dog’s Past


It’s a fact. The dog is man’s best friend, but some people can’t be trusted. Something that happened to this dog and how deeply it affected him will make you so sad. It’s just not right!

The story went viral after the dog’s new owner shared something he had discovered. When he got this dog, he noticed that the animal wasn’t sleeping at night. Instead, he would spend it at the man’s door just watching him all night. After some failed attempts to change this behavior, the new Chinese owner took him to the vet but there was no problem at all. So he decided to get back to where he got the dog and asked about his history. What he learned shocked him!

Turns out, the previous owner had smuggled out the dog while the innocent creature was asleep and dumped him at a local animal shelter. That’s why the dog feared that his new owner might do the same to him.

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