Being Ignored By Her Old Family Made This Dog So Sad, Then This Happened…


Some people are convinced that dogs can’t be emotional, but it’s videos like this one that work to dispel that notion to its end. This clip will touch your deepest part!

When her dad passed away, Zuzu the dog was the saddest creature on Earth. She cried and whined. She became depressed. She really missed her dad, but the other family members didn’t seem to understand her grief. Instead, they said she was too loud and they ended up dumping her at an animal shelter. Gross!

One day, the owners returned to the shelter. Zuzu saw them and was very happy, jumping around and eager to go back home. However, these people weren’t there for her. They wanted to adopt another dog.

Zuzu was a sad dog again. Her story was shared online and many people’s hearts were broken. People called the shelter to check on her. Some even wanted to adopt her right away, but this couple came first and scored big. They took her home!

Now watch Zuzu in her new forever home. She’s so happy and comfortable. She even made friends with the other family dog. Wow! Please SHARE this now with your Facebook friends!