Sick 3-Legged Dog Had Been Sleeping On A Shoebox For Months. When She Sees Rescuers


When Hope For Paws received a text message about a desperate dog sleeping in a shoebox outside someone’s house, they knew they had to act first.

Turns out, this 3-legged dog had been in the area for 5months, and she had taken residence outside someone’s house and sleeping in a shoe box. She lived through the worst weather. No one knows where she came from or who owned her before this or how she lost her leg. Such a pity!

However, fate has a way of balancing stuff. Hope For Paws got the message and rushed to the scene. The dog, later named Princess, wasn’t even wary of the rescuers. She knew they were trying to help her – even as they put a leash on her. They took her to the vet where she got treated and bathed. For the first time in God-knows-how-long, Princess had a warm place to rest and eat safely. The poor dog had also contracted anemia due to the freezing cold she lived in. She beat that too!